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About Joel

Meet Joel Ockunzzi

I grew up on an Ohio dairy farm and learned the principles of what hard work is all about.

My early adulthood took me into the business world traveling throughout the entire US and ultimately to Colorado. While living there, I met my wife Nancy, who is from the West Coast and in 1980 we relocated to the Rogue Valley.

Our three children, Jodi, Joel M., and Jordan were all born, raised, and educated in the Rogue Valley. All three went through Southern Oregon University and are proceeding in their own right as productive and capable citizens.

My career developed by providing reliable sales and contract services in the heavy equipment and energy services industries and that performance generated advancement to a number of management level positions including my experience as a Divisional President of the West and BC Canada.

I’m not a politician. I have a desire to make Jackson County a better place to live for all of us. Too often politicians make promises they can’t deliver. I will work hard to keep county government accountable, create more efficiencies and earn your respect.

The past nine years I have been a Realtor specializing in Rural, Farm, Ranch, and Commercial properties and also an Oregon Registered Appraiser. Concurrently, I am a Jackson County Planning Commissioner and former member of the Jackson County Committee for Citizen Involvement.

I have been directly involved in recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on numerous land use reviews that have created beneficial general health and welfare impacts for many county residents. Such projects as, Regional Problem Solving, (RPS), to address population growth, Flood Plain review to secure federal insurance rate retention, enhancements for handling refuse and co-generation capabilities, private road requirements, and sewer and septic procedures.

I also enjoy spending lots of time in the outdoors with family and friends.

Joel Ockunzzi Fact Sheet

Responsible Values

  • Grew up on Ohio dairy farm
  • Knows the meaning of hard work

Family Man

  • Married thirty three years
  • Three grown successful children two Boys one Girl
  • Lives, works and supports the community in Jackson County

Educational Background

  • Solon High School, Solon Ohio
  • Attended Ohio State University and Southern Oregon University
  • Certificates from Penn State University and University of Virginia

Government Experience

  • Member of Jackson County Planning Commission six years
  • Past member Jackson County Committee for Citizen Involvement
  • Ran for County Commissioner in 2012
  • Technical Advisory Committee for the Governor’s executive order to pursue more local control of land use

Occupational Background

  • Small Business Owner
  • Real Estate Broker for past nine years
  • Oregon Certified Appraiser

Past Experience

  • Divisional President
  • Vice President, Heavy Equipment Sales


  • Owns a ranch in White City
  • Rogue Valley Association of Realtors
  • Past member Jackson County Committee for Citizen Involvement
  • Jackson County Stockman’s Association
  • Oregon Cattleman’s Association
  • Oregon Farm Bureau
  • Oregon Concrete & Aggregate Producers Association

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Joel is firmly grounded in our community. As a rancher, business leader, husband, and father, Joel has what Jackson County deserves in a productive County Commissioner.

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